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Choosing curtains and blinds – Tips

Flower print curtains

Blackout lining ideal for use on light coloured curtains

When thinking about curtains and blinds you must think about the room that they are for.
Do they have a purpose and what it is that you want the curtains to achieve?

Curtains and blinds can be a multifunctional item made to measure in a variety of different headings styles, colours, fabric and size.  Whether you just want to dress your window or have them with added functionality such as blackout or thermal lining they can be made tailored to your specifications.


Choosing the right fabric is an important part of choosing your window treatment. It is important to spend time choosing the best suited fabric for the intended room.  Your curtains or blinds are an investment and will be hanging in your home for a long time.  Think of the colour scheme for the chosen room and make the window treatment enhance this, always go for something that suits you and the style of your home.


Curtains are great for providing privacy in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or anywhere where you want to keep the outside world outside.  Think of the type of fabric and lining used, heavier and thicker fabric will work better in order to gain privacy.


In rooms such as bedrooms you may want to block light out of the room.  Blackout lining is great for this and helps block out not only day light but also moonlight and outside lighting such as street lighting.


If you are looking to retain heat in those long winter months and keep your rooms cooler in those short summer months then thermal lined curtains are for you. Thermal lined curtains are great for older homes with large windows where heating can escape, it can also help with reducing your heating costs.


Really this should be at the top of the list, especially if you have children or grand children? This is more relevant if you go for Roman Blinds, all cords should be kept out of reach of any small child.  Can children reach the window in your home and pull the cord, if so rethink about what window treatment you use for this window and make sure your cords aren’t easily accessible.


Now not all of us are so lucky as to look out on untouched country fields, but if you do you will want to take this into consideration as not to block this view.  This also works the other way and if you are looking out onto other homes curtains or blinds are great was to block them out.
So if you are ready to go ahead with getting your chosen window treatments made, or just need some more information or guidance then don’t hesitate to get in contact.