Making up options

We have tailored our service to offer two types of make-up options, Handmade and Machine finished in order including those on a more restrained budget.  We also offer an alterations service for those soft furnishings you just can’t be without.

Hand Made

This high quality finish is what sets handmade curtains and blinds above the rest. If you are looking for individuality then handmade is for you, they give the best finish to your quality product, ideal for those special rooms in your house. An essential choice for Silk, Velvet and fine Cotton.

There is no doubt that hand-finished work produces a far superior product.

Machine Finished

A cost effective option, that will give long lasting satisfaction suitable for a large number of fabrics. Machine-made curtains are made up with machine-sewn hems, side turnings and headings.


Our soft furnishings alteration service is perfect for people who have bought ready-made or custom-made curtains or blinds that don’t fit your homes windows or for those who have moved home and wants to take their curtains with them.

  • Shorten curtains to any length (drop)
  • Narrow curtains to any width
  • Join curtain widths together to make larger curtains
  • Add a bottom or side border to lengthen or widen curtains
  • Replace worn or damaged curtain heading tape
  • Fit curtain tracks and poles for curtains and blinds
  • We can even take your old curtains and make them into something new, like cushions or blinds.