We can make your curtains to suit your style and needs in a range of different heading styles. Choosing the right heading will depend on the look you are trying to create, the fabric you have chosen and your budget. With our advice you can create the perfect style enhancing the look of the curtain and making a real statement. Whether you just want to dress your window or have them with added functionality such as blackout or thermal lining they can be made tailored to your specifications.

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Our curtains are all lined with cotton lining as standard, however,  we can also make the curtains using blackout or thermal lining. These types of linings are great for bedrooms or houses that you want to keep the heat in. We can also interline the curtains, which  adds another material between the face fabric and the lining. Interlining will make your  curtains have a more substantial, fuller feel, which can be particularly good when using a light weight fabric or to help insulate a draughty house.

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Heading Styles
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Roman Blinds

If you want an elegant window treatment that provides splashes of colour over your windows then why not think about Roman blinds. They are the most popular style of blind and can be a cost effective way of dressing a window, as they use less fabric then conventional curtains.. They offer a practical solution on saving space and can be placed within a recess or above a window, allowing light to flow through the window.

We expertly hand sew our blinds and use bonded interlining to give a feeling of luxury. There are no visible stitches to the front and come with cotton lining as standard, however we  supply  thermal or blackout, depending on your needs. They can be installed as the sole window covering or dressed curtains or even a pelmet.

Our blinds can be made using a wooden baton which is covered in the same material as your blind material or on we can make them using a head-rail system which comprises of a side chain mechanism.